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Happy Birthday Emily

Heaven is wonderful place we will miss you. But our day will come and we will be there with you again. Life comes and goes and Changes from day to day. We change the day you left us here. But it was your day got your wings from heaven. We are proud to be your parents.

We love you forever as everyone else will that has meet you here on earth...

Kiss's and Hug's
We made you a pink cake.. in memory of you... Love mom and dad

Emily this is for you. Happy green day...
In heaven

Open your eye's see the green in march.....

Remember this pic. of daddy and bubba. Wow just like yesterday. But in all you are in heaven we have to wait our turn. But we love you peace's. You are missed by bubba's too.

Need to put pooh thing in here for pam pooh.
Emily Keri had a baby girl named her Emma.
WOW she reminds us of you. She so cute funny
playful. All girl. Not to forget Andy had wife had
girl too.

We love you so much baby girl. Did you get the balloons we sent to Heaven.
Missing you daily. Valentine Day was not a good day

Merry X-Mas

Well christmas this year came and went so fast.We all got sick with flu. Daddy was so sick this year. Mommy as well, but still worked but at work we just seem to past it to each other. Fun hahaha. Well your brothers were just fine. Brent is so grown up., and Alex just getting big, and Nick just
his funny self. We never got to come see you this x-mas. That hurts...
. Mommy hurt her foot.
Brent has girlfriend now. She is so cute. I think would really like her. Well need to go and rest now.

I see your pictures and think of much you look like your brothers and daddy. We miss you so much... Merry x-mas baby.... I hope heaven is wonderful place. This is so hard for me... Miss you daily... people just don't know how lucky they are to have a daughter. Me I still have you in my heart. There you will stay. Im your mommy. I hope someone let us adopt a child. Cause all we want to do is love a child again. I know we have your brothers. But we want to adopt a little girl. That was our plan when we had you. So you would have a sister to grow up with. But we still want too adopt. I only hope and pray god will send us answer to it... love you baby girl...


Happy Birthday


Today you would have been Five.

Our life is so different. Some days

are hard then others. I think it cause

you are not here. My life is not what
we want. But having you was the best
thing that ever happen to us. Your

daddy miss you so much. I think he

Don't show it. But he is so strong

He has a heart of gold. We came to

see you today at grave site. He took

right in clean your marker up. He even

got you a cake. I got you balloons and

the ladies at kroger made you mums.

Pink monkey was from Nick, Doll from

 Alex, Bear from Brent. The candle we

 put five up. The flowers were from

 all of us. So Emily Happy Birthday in


Mom and Dad

This is Emily's Marker. Emily would have been five. She has touched alot of people in her short time here on earth. But she was the best girl any parent would have ever wanted. I thank you god for share her with us.
We will see you at x-mas day.....

Hello I am Emily's Mother.

This is Emily's Daddy

Fourth Of July


the men on horses at the parade

everyone at the parade getting ready to walk (and drive)
Its once again past July 4th and the 3rd year anniversary since the dreaded July 14th 2006. God has helped us through it all. Sorry no Easter pictures the pics on Chili's camera got wasted some how. But she has amazing pictures. Emily we miss you so much. We lit beautiful fireworks just for you and you are always with us. We all love you so much.

Its 2009. We made it through another year without our beloved and precious Emily. She will always be in hearts and with us everywhere we go. Think of her come this spring, for every butterfly you see, is her sending love.

John Anthony and Kolton on New Years

   Just a couple of pictures of Christmas. The first one: everyone getting everything set up for dinner. The second one: Caleb and Mommy dancing together.

Its Christmas '08. The first real Christmas we've been able to have since we lost Emily. It felt like Christmas but we still had an empty feeling in our hearts. Hope the holidays went well. Best Wishes to all.

One of the Christmas Trees, I didn't get of picture of Emily's Purple Tree but it was beautiful.

Meet Gabriel he died the same day as me but in a very different way. Read his story:

This is an angel who died the same way i did. Please read his story.

Other websites for Emily Elizabeth Brammer

(Look under Obituaries find my name.)
google "Emily Elizabeth Brammer" and articles and much more information comes up about her and other fallen angels.

December trip to Galveston. Brent, Nick, Alex, Caleb, Devon, and Chill worked hard making these castles for emily and the other angels.

As a family we turned to god.

Born in September 10,2004
She came just like her brother Alex. She being 15 days before mommy's birthday and Alex came 3 days after


Pictures from the last year Emily was here.

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Family Tree
Tributes and Condolences
Angel Quote   / Angelica Grover (Twinless Twin)
Make yourself familiar with the angels and behold them frequently in spirit; for without being seen, they are present with you. St. Francis De Sales
Well school started for j and k.   / Julia (mommy) Marfell-brammer (mother)
My Emily Today there is no school for u. No dress u up in wonderful outfits. People just dont know how hard it is for us. I want to pack that lunch, put ur hair up in ties. Outfit that sets ur blue eyes off. How much I dont get to d...  Continue >>
Happy birthday   / Precious Memorials XO
Thinking Of You   / Chill Chill (Cousin)
Hey emily i was thinking of you today. Your mommy has a bo bo i dunno if its better or not but ya know. My friend Chey feels you with her. She wears your bracelet shes my best friend you would love her. Her and dev dev get along good....Your family d...  Continue >>
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Her legacy
Emily lives on:  

Emily had a heart of gold and as her parents we are doing something for her; we had these made:

They come in two colors Pink and Purple (non-latex). But currently we are out of the pink ones.

They read on them

Emily Elizabeth Brammer Foundation
Children of falling TV & Furniture Awareness

We are trying to get new bracelets ready for next year.

They will be reading:

Children of falling TV & Furniture Awareness

I  hope to put Emily's name and 4 other names of children that have died from this cause. I wish I could put more names on them but I am only allowed 4.

If you are one of these parents  and want your child's name on the band. Please email us. So we can get the fine print to printer and get them ready for the next year.

I am also considering the color orange for caution.

My mommy and daddy want to get the word out.
A loss of a child never goes away.

Please email

We are more than willing to talk to you.

Emily Elizabeth Brammer Foundation

2529 Jewett Road

Burleson, TX 76028


We are working on a blanket for children killed by TV and Furniture. We are hoping that other parents will come and join us and add their child's name to this blanket. each blanket part for each child will be made by their family. So they can tell the child's story and we will link the blanket together as one. This is still a work in progress and I am thinking of ways to have a big celebration of life for these children. I would like this to help everyone understand the dangers and precautions one needs to take in their home, these things happen in seconds and can't be taken back. Contact me if you would like to take part in this project and help me plan more of it.

Remember what Legacy is .........  

Emily Elizabeth Brammer
Mommy and Daddy
Robert & Julia Brammer

Legacy is to some people is something that is left to them by someone how has left this world. Well for us it is different.

I want you to know what Emily Elizabeth Brammer went through to get here on earth, and I want you know that she was a gift of life to all of s on earth that is left behide. So take a site and listen to the wonderful story of her life.

Hello we are the proud parent of Emily Elizabeth Brammer. We wer so lucky to have wonderful daughter. She will be in our hearts forever. Emily light will grow cause, We are taken the stand to ssave lives of children through out the world. Please take the time and get to know our wonderful little angel.

Emily Elizabeth Brammer cam in this world on 

September 10, 2004. She had fight for life from the start. Born at 29 weeks and fight began. She was so tiny and small. Hot day in September, she was 3lbs. 5oz. and 21 inch long. I don't remember it so well. I was so sick too. They decide she would better off out then in. Robert being by my side going through everything. She cam into this world. He was so over whelm by joy of her. Now our life as a family was to start. But Emily at NICU at Cook's Children Hospital and I at Harris Hospital in ICU. In which I stayed there for four day's. I remember waken up and asking him. What does she look like? He said just like you. I wanted to know what she looked like so bad. But being in ICU, I didn't get to see her just yet. Robert got a picture of her. I have to say she was so pretty. They ran test after test on me. But couldn't find nothing, or why this all happen. I ended up staying at Harris Hospital for eight days total. But when they put me in my room final. Robert needed to go and get my bag from the car. Not knowing about hospital's and all. He got lost and got up set in the ER cause the officer there. Told him if he could not use a softer voice to leave. I have to say I was up set and told my nurse to come and let me go home. I didn't need this on me after what I have been thur. I have to say that officer has no heart. I final got to go over late at night. She was just like a princess. Her room at home had pooh in it but that was not her. She was our little princess. So everything we found in princess's she had it. So not coming home right away gave us time to do a few things before she got home. Robert was getting things ready at home for her. I just didn't have the heart to leave her there at the hospital. 

Well the tiny thing in my arms is Emily. My heart was so full of joy and happiness. But then doctor's talked to us. They saidn some babies do just fine and some don't. But they say girls seem to fight more then boy's do. In the NICU at Cook's Children Hospital, we meet alot of people in passing. I think one family we ended up being good friends is Galinak. Their son was just born 8 day's after Emily. We talked in passing and waitting our turn with our child. There were a few others as well. I think as mommy's we looked out for each other there. I think Emily stay was ok not the best for us. But we had bad nurse's at time's.  I just sometimes with the job it self gets to them. But to me they can't have time for that in this job at NICU. I remember start off in one place and then moving to another. Room by her self. I remember her be moved again and again. So many time it seems you start off again from the first place she was. I can remember one day visiting and finding a red area on her chest. I asked the nurse if I could talk to the doctor. I asked him what that was? He told us it is nothing to worry about. But that area got bigger. So I told the nurse again can you get the doctor. I asked again what is that red area on her chest. So they used a pen on that area. They ran test on her. She had so many IV's in head~hands~arms~feets~ they just seem to stop working after she has so many. They decide put a central line in her, they said she needed one~ they tried her chest area and couldn't get it. Then they got it in her right leg. But the sad thing was she still go IV's. We didn't understand that one. But she ended up with staff infection twice. They thought it was my breast milk. That come back not to be true.

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Emily waitting to eat in colorado.
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